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Who’s your target? Comic Cover Anatomy, pt. 2

or ‘Why the Spiderwoman cover didn’t work…’ Say you have a company that publishes comic books and you’ve been in business for decades. The characters for your company are iconic and embedded in American pop culture. There have been TV … Continue reading

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BOOM!: Anatomy of Comic Covers, pt. 1

Today’s comic sales are way down compared to their glory days in the Silver or Bronze age. Companies used to sell hundreds of thousands of titles a month. Today, the number is in the tens of thousands. That’s pathetic. Comics … Continue reading

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Superman (1978) vs. The Man of Steel (2013)

Superman is iconic. The character has been around for over 70 years and has developed a devoted fan base ever since. All superheroes are compared to him, and he is the model others are judged. I would say the two … Continue reading

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