Amazing Spiderman 2 Review (2014)

One could say a popcorn flick is a movie that you turn your brain off and watch. Popcorn is a nearly empty food to consume. You add butter, salt and flavoring to it, but beneath the additives, it’s still a bland crunchy treat.

Amazing Spiderman 2 is like popcorn with salt and flavoring added to it. Underneath the special effects, there’s no real story here. Things happen. Characters do stuff, and then the movie ends.

There’s supposed to be a romance storyline between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. It seemed like the writers simply took some loose ideas for scenes, taped them together and put them in the script. To say the relationship between the characters seemed forced would be an understatement.

Not that I want to compare this movie to Spiderman 2 (2004), but I will. Spiderman 2 had a relationship between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. Peter’s conflict within himself between his identity as Spiderman and his life as Peter Parker collide, and we see how it impacts his personal life, especially the relationship between MJ and Pete.

This movie was lacking in comparison to Spiderman 2. There seemed to be an overwhelming lack of internal feeling and conflict within Peter Parker and between Pete and Gwen. There was no chemistry. The conflict of being Spiderman simply seemed to be a non-issue.

Gwen’s a brilliant science student but seems to be clueless that Pete’s life as Spiderman is very dangerous and life-threatening to him and her. Her oblivious manner ends up coming back to haunt her later in the film.

I’m not sure what went wrong with this movie. I’m not sure how you bungle it so badly, but this movie just didn’t work. The conflict between Spiderman and Electro was empty as was Spiderman’s other battles. The movie had possibility, but it lacked a solid story keeping it together.

That seems to be the modern philosophy of Hollywood these days. Crank out more of the same, but don’t bother to tell a story that might be engaging. Keep it as hollow and empty as a bucket of popcorn.

The thing is, popcorn, even if you add butter and salt, goes stale over time. Sure it still has flavor, but it lacks the freshness it once had. I think this is the case with the updated Spiderman franchise. It’s stale popcorn… with butter and salt.

I give it two out of five webshooters.

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