Note On Cartoons…

I love animation. I love cartoons. Toons done well are quotable.

Cases in point:

Bugs Bunny: Eh… What’s up, Doc?
Daffy Duck: You’re despicable! – I may be a coward, but I’m a greedy little coward.
Homer Simpson: D’oh! – Well boy, you can sit there eating can after can of dog food or go out and look for your lost dog. Bart: Thanks, Dad! Homer: Rats! I almost had him eating dog food! (Homer is very quotable.)
Eric Cartman: God !
Bender: Bite my shiny metal ass!

I bring this up because I noticed myself walking around my apartment quoting The Monarch from Venture Brothers. Venture Brothers gets a nod for being a new classic cartoon series. It’s a total spoof on the old Johnny Quest cartoon series. Fun for Gen Yers, but more fun for Gen Xers and perhaps a few Baby Boomers. As one who illustrates and loves the look of classic animation, I think the cartoons look great too.

Fun stuff! Cartoon characters are supposed to be goofy and looney. The medium of animation practically begs for the surreal. Pixar does an excellent job of creating animated films. The people who create those films love animation and love storytelling.

Tex Avery loved animated shorts. In my opinion, he was the master.

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